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Small Cars, Big Benefits: Compare the Versatility of the 2019 Honda Fit to the 2018 Toyota Yaris in Newnan

Subcompact cars don't usually get the respect that they deserve--especially those with a hatchback. These small five-door commuter cars are more efficient and more versatile than sedans, they sip fuel, and they're a lot less expensive than even compact crossovers. Two of the best options for sale around Newnan, GA are the 2019 Honda Fit and the 2018 Toyota Yaris.

Both of these vehicles start far under $20,000, both are practical and economical, and both can be equipped with some nice features. However, there is one clear winner in this competition.

2019 Honda Fit vs 2018 Toyota Yaris

  • The 2018 Toyota Yaris starts at $15,635
  • What do you get for the lower starting price on the Yaris? 3 doors--a hatch and two side doors for passengers--the 5-door Yaris L will cost you $16,760
  • The 2019 Honda Fit starts at $16,190 with five doors, a hatch and four side doors for passengers, standard
  • The Toyota Yaris can be equipped with a sporty rear spoiler--on only the $18,000+ SE trim

  • The base 2018 Yaris gives you Bluetooth, power door locks, and nine airbags--but, that's about it
  • Standard features on the 2019 Honda Fit include Bluetooth and power locks, as well as a 5.0-inch media display, a rearview camera, and Honda's Magic Seat
  • Every model in the new 2019 Honda Fit lineup comes standard with an aerodynamic spoiler
  • The 2019 Honda Fit gives you 130 horsepower from its standard engine; the 2018 Toyota Yaris? Just 106 horsepower

  • Toyota Safety Sense is standard on all 2018 Yaris models; Honda Sensing is standard on all 2019 Honda Fit models from the EX up
  • Fold the rear seat flat, and the Honda Fit gives you up to 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space--the Yaris only gives you 15.6 cubic feet behind the rear seat, and an unspecified amount in total (though it seems to be less than the Fit)