The 2018 Honda Civic Gets the "New Dad Review" Treatment

September 23rd, 2018 by

Benjamin Preston is a reviewer and content creator for online automotive publication The Drive–and he’s recently become a dad for the first time. Now, he’s combining his skills as an auto reviewer with his need to drive a safe, reliable car that he might even enjoy.

One of the cars in his’New Dad Review” series?

The 2018 Honda Civic.

Available in a lot of colors, configurations, trim levels, and interiors, the new Honda Civic lineup is great for just about any demographic–but Preston takes a look at why this compact car, in sedan or hatchback form, could be great for new dads.

Great for Dads on a Budget

If you do a search for “great dad car” you might find things like muscle cars, sports cars, luxury sedans, or mammoth SUVs. And while those do have their benefits as a kickin’ dad car, they’re not very practical for the average Newnan dad.

Preston makes a case for why the 2018 Honda Civic is a good option for new Georgia fathers who want to pinch pennies:

“As always, the Civic is fun to drive, even in trims less racy than the Civic Si sedan and the raucous Type R hatch. But the Civic Sport hatch, which is available with—can you even believe it?—a manual transmission, has budget-minded enthusiasts particularly well-covered covered.”

Let the team at Honda of Newnan help you explore new deals on 2018 Honda Civic models, and test-drive fun new options like the Sport hatchback, or the Touring sedan.

You can see the whole “New Dad Review” here.
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